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Vivita / Lahenduste Laboratoorium
2 min readMar 10, 2023


A hydroponics workshop was held during the winter school break, which is part of Vivita’s larger plan to introduce children to how to live sustainably. In this workshop, we focused on food growing, more precisely hydroponics. P.S. did you know that hydroponics is the only way to grow plants in space?

In the workshop, Lauri Kapp, who has developed food growing solutions for Natufia, came to talk to us about hydroponics. Apart from that, Lauri also showed a fully developed hydroponic system.

In addition, each child also built their own hydroponic system to grow their own plants at home. We made the plant grower completely from scratch from recycled material that came from the walls of the Juminda exhibition at Lennusadam.

But what is hydroponics?

Simply put, it means growing plants in nutrient-enriched water without soil. Plants can breathe and drink at the same time. Plants get exactly the right amount of water, air, light and nutrients.

Why do this at all when we can grow all plants traditionally in soil?

Since the world’s population is constantly growing and there is no more land on which to grow food, one of the solutions to this problem is hydroponics.

What is the difference between hydroponically grown and field grown food?

  • Up to 90% less water is used
  • 3–10 times more food on the same surface
  • Up to twice the growth time
  • Can be produced anywhere indoors
  • No insect or weed control is used

Thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop and to Lauri for sharing his wisdom!

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
March 2023



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