Plastic Fantastic — Recycle Plastic with Precious Plastic Estonia in Vivistop Telliskivi

Vivita / Lahenduste Laboratoorium
3 min readMar 23, 2023

Precious Plastic is an international plastic-recycling movement. Precious Plastic workspaces are located in more than 60 countries with thousands of people involved all due to importance of our mission of tackling plastic pollution.

Precious Plastic Estonia is a local initiative that educates people about the problems related to plastic waste management, encourages community to become more active in solving these problems and recycles waste plastics into useful products. As part of a big Precious Plastic community, they recycle plastic into cool new things, organise and take part in local projects and run educational workshops. They started their activities in 2017 as a summer house workshop hobby project.

Fast forward 6 years later, starting from January 2023, Precious Plastic Estonia team — Jegor, Daniil, Anna, Kirill and Lisa, moved to our Vivistop Telliskivi’s studio’s wood workshop area. Since then, many kids and young people as well as Vivita Estonia’s team have tried out recycling plastic themselves, while getting to know all the machines and to build something new and inspiring.

Let us bring you a very exciting and inspirational example. Vivita member Emma Charlotte(14) is very keen on fashion design and sewing. For the fashion show M21N STREET at her school, she is now designing her own fashion collection using colourful plastic bags which she recycles before sewing them all together. What a unique way to let your creativity shine!

We invite all the vivinauts to sort all the bottle caps at home and bring those to Vivistop where we have set up a collection point.

Which kind of plastic to bring -> have a look at the scheme to help you out a little.

Read more about Precious Plastic and come to our studio to recycle plastic! Plastic is fantastic!

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia & Precious Plastic
March 2023



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